Background to the revision of the Lavenham Neighbourhood Plan

Lavenham residents responded positively to the current Lavenham Neighbourhood Plan (LNP1) in a household survey undertaken in July and August 2021.  Comprehensive feedback was presented in a series of 16 posters displayed at drop-in sessions in the village hall. From this baseline of local opinion, four key themes have been identified for the proposed revision of the 2016 Neighbourhood Plan.

Theme 1:  Climate change.

Theme 2:  Flourishing village community.

Theme 3:  Landscape and heritage.

Theme 4:  Movement of people and vehicles.

***NEW*** We recognise that the neighbourhood planning process and documents are complex and very detailed.  We have therefore produced an FAQ document to help answer your questions.

Please go to 2023 Plan to find details of the new plan and the consultation process.

The revision timetable:

  • Finalise updated Landscape Character & Sensitivity Assessment 2023 - including defined views - complete.
  • Produce Design Guide - complete.
  • Prepare first draft of LNP2 - complete.
  • Informal consultation with stakeholders - 8th September through to 5th October 2022 - complete.
  • Consultation with Lavenham Parish Council to prepare final draft for public consultaion - October and November 2022 - complete.
  • Approval by Parish Council to move to formal public consultation - approved on 1st December 2022.
  • Formal public consultation - 8th December 2022 and 1st February 2023 - complete.
  • Review all comments following consultation and update/amend documents - February through to early Spring - approved by the Parish Council on 27th April 2023.
  • Submission to Babergh District Council - completed May 2023.
  • Babergh District Council reg 16 consultation on the Reg 15 submitted LNP2 - commenced 3rd July 2023 and closed at 4pm on 18th August 2023 - complete. See the public notice, this was displayed on the notice board by the Parish Council office. For all comments received  as part of the reg 16 consultation see the Babergh DC website.
  • Plan reviewed by the Independent Examiner - Autumn/Winter 2023 - published 10th April 2024. Please see LNP2  Examination Final Report and Next Steps Appendix.
  • Village referendum - Second half of 2024
  • Adoption of the Plan by Babergh DC - 2024 (TBC).

The tabs on this website provide information about the revision project and its progress, plus background information on Lavenham.

What you find on each of the tabs below

 2023 Plan 

Here you will find all of the current information and documentation relating to the 2023 Revision.


Details of how the community has been kept informed throughout the process.

About Us

We are a group of volunteers who are updating the 2016 LNP to help plan for the future needs of the village.  

2016 Plan

This is where you find the 2016 Plan itself, plus all the supporting documents. These give you an insight into how the Plan was created, with many comments and views expressed by the community as consultation on the Plan progressed. 68% of residents responded to the questionnaire that was used to help produce the 2016 plan.

Past & Present

A few glimpses into YouTube’s view of Lavenham plus the views in 2021 of some vintage Lavenham street scenes and buildings.

Lavenham by Numbers

Do you know how many listed buildings we have in Lavenham?  How many cashpoints?  When the railway came to Lavenham, and when the line closed?  Find out here.